The demise of high APY DAOs show they aren’t the future of money


Who needs 3,000,000% APY? The reply is everybody, and that’s exactly the enchantment of excessive APY DAOs.

However not too long ago, Reddit person rayjaywolf identified that the majority (vital) excessive APY DAOs are 90%+ down from their all-time highs. In line with the figures, the largest loser is R U Beneficiant, down 99.8% from its $2,041 ATH.

“All of the excessive APY providing crypto DAO’s that launched about 2-3 months in the past at the moment are both lifeless, have been rug pulled or exhibiting no signal of restoration.”

Table of high APY DAOs

A glance on CoinGecko exhibits it’s worse than rayjaywolf claims. In line with the monitoring platform, R U Beneficiant is down 99.9% from its $2,803 ATH.

As ever, in cryptocurrency particularly, lofty claims ought to all the time be taken with a wholesome dose of warning and skepticism.

How do excessive APY DAOs provide such excessive APYs?

Though there are variations on the theme, excessive APY DAOs usually observe the mould of mathematical sorcery to create a floating-supply foreign money monitoring the greenback. This they name an algorithmic stablecoin.

These function by rebasing the token provide, which means the availability will increase (or decreases) consistent with person exercise. In flip, this course of is backed by a treasury system that holds reserve belongings and allows “bonding.” This refers to a course of the place customers can promote belongings (like DAI) to the treasury and obtain discounted tokens in return.

Excessive APYs are doable by way of the value discrepancy between the token’s market worth and the treasury’s discounted worth.

The ultimate piece is staking, the place the asset provide is locked as much as safe utility and act as a further incentive for demand. In line with recreation idea, the excessive APY staking component will appeal to extra new customers, who preserve the cycle going.

Throw in an nameless staff, and that’s the blueprint for the way excessive APY DAOs function.

Is the Ponzi scheme unraveling?

Proponents of excessive APY DAOs would argue that fiat cash is a shared delusion enabling worth change. How they function isn’t any totally different from what central banks do day in, day trip.

However as seen with the latest Wonderland debacle, through which a senior workers member was outed as one of many co-founders of disgraced change QuadrigaCX, investor confidence is every thing.

Commenting on OlympusDAO (arguably probably the most well-known excessive APY DAO,) the CIO at Selini Capital, Jordi Alexander, floats the concept the undertaking’s complexity and unorthodox mechanics are behind its demise.

Alexander provides that he doesn’t suppose it was a rip-off from the off, solely an experiment that got here unstuck on the unsustainability of paying hundreds of p.c APY.

“I don’t suppose it was ever an outright rip-off, I believe they believed that the sport idea mechanic may lead it to continue to grow eternally and possibly turn into an actual vital a part of the monetary system.”

Nonetheless, the likes of OlympusDAO and Wonderland are nonetheless going, and degen traders would say the most effective time to purchase is when everybody needs out.

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